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Highlighting sustainability is a good marketing strategy especially when purchasing electronics, gadgets and home equipment nowadays. But more than that, sustainable and renewable sources of energy must be the way to go especially with the surging prices of gasoline and the harm it can cause the environment. One of the best alternative energy sources is solar. We have access to the sun’s rays for almost half a day, all we need to do is to make the most out of it by harnessing its power.

The Solar generator system is the best way to store solar energy while having portability and quietness in mind. The solar panels capture energy from the rays of the sun. The energy absorbed will then be converted by an inverter to be used to power your home. We came up with a list of the best solar generators with various capacities to help you get started with the selection process.

Top 500-watts and above solar generators

The Goal Zero Yeti's Portable Power Station can store energy up to 1500 watts and can handle a power surge of up to 3000 watts which will protect any appliance or gadget connected to it. This portable power station has a Lithium battery which can easily be replaced by users if needed. The batteries are made from state-of-the-art materials and are designed with increased stability in mind, ensuring its safety and build quality.

A Texas Instrument management system closely monitors production and ensures the batteries are safeguarded from overcharging, short-circuiting, and overcurrent. The portable power station has one USB port that is used to provide up to 12-watts of power. With its peak capacity, it can charge up to about 500 cycles of laptops and mobile phones. This generator does not come with its solar panel though. However, it will surely exceed your expectations with its performance

Traditional generators are usually bulky, take up a lot of space, and a tad too noisy when in use. The Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Station aims to redefine how generators are seen and thought of. It is meant to be compact and be conveniently used anywhere.

What sets this apart from other solar generators is that it can store up to 1400-watts. It is actually a pretty large amount of energy in relation to its size. It can also be used to power up to 10 devices all at the same time. That alone makes it a perfect companion when you plan to go traveling or camping. The moment that every single person in your group needs to have their devices charged, you can all plug your device into this! It really makes everything convenient. You can also plug in any electrical device that you have, from tablets to laptops and cameras - it can even power your TV and power tools. That's just how powerful this portable power station is.

Given that the Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station packs quite a punch, you would be surprised to know that it just needs about 4.5 hours of solar charging to be fully charged. You will not have any issues with it making a lot of noise and fuming gas since it runs on solar energy.  This saves you from the loud rumbling and venting of gas the conventional generator makes. If you are the kind of person who absolutely hates maintaining complicated equipment, then you will definitely not have any problem with the Goal Zero Yeti. It's 100% maintenance-free!


  • ​Small and portable; easy to carry around
  • ​Can charge up to 10 devices at the same time
  • ​Long shelf-life
  • ​No additional maintenance costs
  • ​Powers most of the appliances


  • ​No solar panels included
  • ​No warranties indicated
  • ​Some power tools can overload the outlet. The generator would need to be reset to troubleshoot the issue.

Bottom Line:

Why bother bringing large generators when you can have one that is compact but is just as powerful? The Goal Zero Yeti is recommended for folks who are on-the-go. It's perfect for camping and outdoor use because of its durability, high energy capacity, and small size. You'll be amazed at how much power this compact generator can give you!

The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium portable power station can hold up to 1500 watts of stored energy. The kit includes one boulder 100 solar panel briefcase and one solar optimization module. It also has a 12-volt USB outlet, USB-C, USB-PD, with multi-surge capable AC inverters. It is powerful enough to run up to ten devices at the same time.

The solar power generator contains lightweight lithium batteries which can withstand the test of time. These batteries also have high-quality cells which will ensure 100% safety when it comes to charging the solar generator and powering other devices, as well.

If you are the type of person who does not like to buy separate pieces of equipment from different manufacturers, then you really have to consider getting the Goal Zero Yeti solar power generator. Traditional generators give off loud noises but not this one. It does not produce any sound nor fumes. It's also relatively easy to operate. All you have to do is to push a button, and you're good to go. What sets this apart is that it can be connected to the WiFi system. You just have to connect your Yeti generator to the WiFi router, download the Yeti application, and you can turn on your generator straight from the app. You don't need to go through different solar generators just to keep it going.

What's great is that you can also get real-time updates on how much power you've already consumed and anything else you would need to know. You do not even need to guess when you would need to recharge because the application itself has a feature that will tell you how many hours the generator has left, to power your connected devices.

What's also great with it is that it comes with a briefcase solar panel that is explicitly designed to work with the Goal Zero Yeti. It is also optimized with an external maximum power point tracker which aims to maximize the power input of the solar panel which can lead up to 40% faster in charging times. The briefcase solar panel is designed to endure all kinds of extreme weather. Since it's enclosed in a briefcase, it's relatively easy to carry around which basically means you move it from one place to another.


  • ​The kit includes a durable and weather-proof boulder 100 solar panel briefcase
  • ​Can store up to 1500 watts
  • ​WiFi connectivity with the Goal Zero Yeti mobile application which will help you check and monitor the status of your solar power generator
  • ​Has a long shelf life
  • ​It is an excellent all-around generator


  • ​Doesn’t have a warranty indicated

Bottom Line:

Who says that you'd have to guess when you're going to need to charge your solar generator? Those were the old times, and it does not have to happen anymore! The Goal Zero Yeti solar power is truly ahead of its game. With its WiFi connectivity feature, you can easily access data about your generator from your mobile phone or tablet. You can even power it on and off through the application itself! No more having to go through the troubles of trying to find the switch on your generator.

The Ecoflow river portable power station generator is a silent and lightweight device which you can bring almost anywhere you go. With that being said, you should not underestimate the capability of this mini powerhouse. You may choose from any Ecoflow solar panels which will work correctly with this portable power station since this doesn't come with its own solar panels.

It only weighs 11 lbs, but it can deliver up to 500W of power. It has 11 power generator outlets which can all be used at the same time. The River has different types of power outlets. Among these outlets are two of the following; USB Quick charge 2.0, USB, USB-C Type, AC outlets, and DC outlets. It also has a 12V car port. It has a Lithium-ion battery and it can hold up a charge for one full year. It will not let your devices overcharge and receive too much current than what it's supposed to. The RIVER solar generator can power a light bulb for over 100 hours, 10 hours for a mini-fridge, 30 smartphone charges, and 5-9 laptop charges.

It is exceptionally lightweight for something that is used to store energy. 500W of AC/DC output is just enough to power all of your electrical needs especially when you're out of town, or just want that peace of mind of having emergency back-up power.

What's great about this is that even though it only weighs 11 lbs, it can power up to 11 devices all at once! It is even equipped with an advanced thermal management system which regulates the temperature of your solar generator making it safe and efficient in charging all of your devices. It even comes with an LED flashlight that is perfect for camping, home, and emergency use.


  • ​Can handle up to 11 devices all at the same time
  • ​The battery holds up a charge for up to a year
  • ​Lightweight, durable, and easy to carry around


  • ​Can only be used for low wattage appliances
  • ​Not recommended to power large appliances

Bottom Line:

The Ecoflow RIVER solar power generator can deliver up to 500 watts which is just perfect for your outdoor needs. It's more than enough to charge your laptop, phone, camera, and any other device that you may have with you, as well as a small fan and LED lamps. Because of its weight, it would be easy to carry this around with you to anywhere you go, any place you want to visit!

The CPAP Battery Backup Powerpro 500 can power up to 500W peak at its maximum. It's a pure sine wave AC inverter outlet that can operate up to 9 hours after it has been fully charged. It's also equipped with a lithium battery pack which will not produce any fumes nor loud noise. It even does not need fuel to have it powered.

It has an ETL-safety certified battery management system which protects your device from short-circuiting. It can also control the voltage it releases to the connected devices and controls temperature efficiently. When you avail of this product, it comes with a 24-month warranty, and you will be eligible for their 24/7 customer tech support service. It has multiple outlet ports which are the following: 1 AC inverter outlet, one 12V car cigarette lighter socket, two 12V DC ports, and two 2.1A USB ports.

The CPAP Battery Backup Powerpro is not just for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine and is more than just a portable power station. It is high capacity and can power up to 9 hours of any of your connected devices.

The Battery Backup Powerpro even has a built-in LED flashlight which can also be used for power outages and emergencies. There is also an LCD screen to let you know how many hours are left on the solar power generator to power your devices. For optimal usage, it can either be plugged in on a 110 AC plug and a 12V DC converter.


  • ​Lightweight and durable
  • ​Easy to carry around
  • ​Has an LED flashlight for power outages
  • ​Has an LCD display


  • ​Some can only charge the battery from a 12V DC converter
  • ​Needs to replace batteries frequently

Bottom Line:

If you are tired of all the guessing games and you want to know exactly when you should charge your solar generator, then you should probably get one that has an LCD screen that indicates how many hours are left on it, to power your device. This is the perfect one for you. It is recommended to use this when you just need 500-watts of energy or less.

Top Below 500-watts solar generators

There are solar generators that can store only up to 500-watts or less, too! These are the more compact and lightweight power generators which are just perfect as emergency backups or for camping trips.

The SUAOKI portable power station is the perfect camping buddy. Although it does not include any solar panel, you won't need it with its compact size and capacity. You can consider this as your on-the-go power source. It has a peak wattage of 150Wh that proves to be a sufficient source of energy for charging your devices when you are out camping or on a road trip. It has two input modes and has 2 AC outlets with 150 watts peak power, 4 DC outlets with 180 watts peak power, 1 QC 3.0 USB port with 18 watts peak power and 3 USB ports with 10.5 watts of peak power.

All of these can be used simultaneously to power your devices such as laptops, tablets, phones, small home appliances, and cameras. When you purchase this, you will be eligible for 18 months of product warranty, tech support, and customer service.

The SUAOKI portable power station solar power generator is the perfect on-the-go power source. With its 150Wh peak capacity, it's just enough as an emergency backup to power your devices and small appliances. Not only is it incredibly compact, but it is also lightweight.

Its size is just enough to fit in your car, and it won't even take too much trunk space. You can take this portable power generator with you as it only weighs 2.9 lbs and also has a discreet lift which you can use to carry it around. It is indeed the perfect camping buddy because it does not make any noise nor does it emit any fumes or gas. This even has an MPPT solar charge controller inside the generator to further maximize your generator's efficiency. You'll also be happy to know that this has triple input modes.

You can choose the best one that fits your needs perfectly. It can be recharged by connecting it to a SUAOKI solar panel. Or you can opt to have it plugged into a wall outlet for 8 hours. It can even charge by plugging it into your car's socket. It is the perfect emergency tool to carry around on every trip you make.


  • ​Lightweight and durable
  • ​Can be recharged through solar panels, wall outlets, and car charging outlets
  • ​Serves as a great on-the-go power source
  • ​Has an MPPT controller which optimizes the performance of the solar generator


  • ​Some users have had some troubles in charging it from the wall outlets
  • ​Can only be used for small devices and appliances

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a back-up energy source, then this one will be perfect for you. It is exceptionally durable and lightweight, making it the ideal on-the-go power source. It is small, but one shouldn't undermine its capability. What's great is that it even has three charging options – through the use of solar panels, via the wall socket, or the car’s auxiliary socket.

The GRUCORE portable power station generator can handle up to 280 watts of power. Although it doesn't come with a solar panel in the packaging, it can amaze you in more ways that you can ever imagine. It is the perfect emergency back-up power source you can find. It can charge smartphones for 25 cycles, a laptop for 4 to 5 cycles, 32-inch TVs for four hours, and other small appliances like mini-refrigerator and lights. It has three 12V DC ports with 60 watts peak capacity and 2 USB 3.1A ports

Since it is a pure sine wave inverter, it operates smoothly and quietly. It is designed to provide voltage that has very low harmonic distortion and clean power. It is the perfect emergency back-up power generator you can bring to every camping trip and outdoor activity you have been planning to go to. With its maximum peak power of 280 watts, this is just enough juice to power your laptops, iPad, phones, fans, and every small device you bring for your camping trip. It is also a suitable back-up for emergency power shortages. I

t is also really easy to charge through any 50W or 100W solar panels and can be fully charged through an outlet for eight hours or by a 12-volt carport. The whole kit includes the Grucore portable generator, portable adapter, and cigarette light adapter. You're also ensured with a 1-year warranty for this product.


  • ​Can easily be charged either by solar power, wall outlets, or car ports
  • ​Has a lot of output ports
  • ​It contains the highest capacity of the Lithium battery
  • ​Clean, smooth, and quiet operation
  • ​Small and easy to move around


  • Some users have had a hard time charging it through a home outlet and car charger
  • ​Problems with disconnecting when charging

Bottom Line:

This is one of the solar generators that you can bring with you almost anywhere. It is medium in size and can handle up to 280Wh of power which will be just enough to power your small devices.

The Rockpals Portable solar generator can be used to handle 300 watts of power. Aside from that, it also has 5 DC ports with 96 watts as its peak, 2 USB 2.1A ports, and one Quick Charge 3.0 USB. It includes a high-capacity lithium power back that weights 7.3 lb which is powerful enough to charge a phone for 25 cycles, a laptop for 4-5 cycles, and a 32-inch television for 4 hours. It does not include any solar panels in the initial purchase. The Rockpals portable solar generator is covered by an 18-month warranty.

This portable solar generator can be charged in three ways. Charging can be done through a 50-watt or 100-watt solar panel or from a wall socket. Since it's a pure sine wave inverter, the energy it produces is smooth and clean. You will not hear any rumbling noise aside from the cooling fan that turns on every time the generator is used. It will also not produce any fumes or gas since it is solar-powered. Three hundred watts is more than enough to power any of small device and appliance you may have.


  • ​Lightweight and portable
  • ​Easy to move around
  • ​Can be charged either by solar panels or via the wall socket
  • ​Operates smoothly and quietly


  • ​Some users have encountered some issues with charging this power station

Bottom Line:

This is perfect if you are just looking for a back-up emergency power generator. Although 300 watts is not fully enough to power large appliances, its amount is more than enough to power many other devices that you usually bring when you are on a camping trip or just enjoying the great outdoors.

Mobile phones, drones and action cameras - these could be your outdoor adventure must-haves. But once these gadgets run out of power, where will you turn to? Jackery Portable Power Station and Solar Generator is a small yet reliable power back up for your camping trips. It is also a perfect electricity source for those who rely on a CPAP machine and a nebulizer. Unlike most generators, it can be used in an enclosed room because it does not use gas but uses a lithium battery pack similar to cellphones and laptops. It does not emit fumes and is not noisy.

It is one of the most reviewed portable solar generators in the market today, 95% of the reviews are rated with 5-stars. It has a 100 running watts output and 150 peak watts. It can generate 46,400mAh – that’s about 12 times full-charge cycle for a smartphone, 2 recharges of a laptop and over 24 hours for a 5-watt camping light. It can be recharged using a compatible solar panel for 8 to 10 hours, while 5 hours through a wall socket. It can also be recharged via car charger port.

It is really light at 3.84 lbs. and can be easily carried around or you may also opt to put it in your backpack. It’s small but it managed to squeeze in an LCD screen that serves as input, output and battery status indicator. This feature will help you monitor and manage the usage of the generator power wisely. It also has a flashlight and SOS mode for emergencies. It has the following built-in outlets one (1) AC inverter outlet output port 110V 60Hz Continuous 100W Peak 150W, one (1) USB-C output port: 5V 3A, two (2) USB-A output ports: 5V 2.4A and one (1) DC Output port (6MM port) 12V/7A.


  • ​Lightweight and portable
  • ​Easy to move around or can be packed in your camping bag
  • ​Can be charged either by solar panels, via wall socket or car charger
  • ​Operates smoothly and quietly


  • ​Not all CPAPs are compatible

Bottom Line:

Jackery Explorer 160’s claim to fame is that it can be your next best camping buddy. If you love taking your photography and aerial photography gear with you and you need a stable and reliable power source this solar generator can recharge your gadgets for several cycles. CPAP users need to be cautious as well as some CPAP machines need 200watts of peak power rating to be able to start. It is best to check your CPAP’s power requirement before purchasing this portable generator.

Accessories to Match Your Solar Generators

Most of the solar generators we have featured do not come with a solar panel that will generate electricity from the sun’s rays. So we are featuring two portable solar panels/chargers to match your chosen solar generator.

1. Jackery Explorer 50W Solar Panel for Explorer 240Wh as Portable Solar Generator, Portable Foldable Solar Charger USB C Output for Summer Vacation Camping

The Jackery Explorer 50W solar panel is foldable and portable solar panel is specifically made to match and build a portable solar generator system with Jackery Explorer 160 and Explorer 240 variants. You can place it on your roof or outside your tent during camping when you need to recharge. It comes with several outputs to directly charge your solar generator, mobile devices and gadgets.

If you are purchasing a solar generator other than the Jackery Explorer, Rockpals Foldable Solar Panel will match other brands such as Suaoki, Webetop, Goal Zero and Paxcess, among others. It comes with connectors of different sizes, like 5.5x2.1mm, 8mm, 5.5x2.5mm and 3.1x1.35mm. If your solar generator of choice will work with these connectors, then this portable solar panel is what you need to recharge your generator. It has three (3) USB 3.0 USB ports that deliver stable electricity and will prevent overcharging of your gadgets.

One of the most important camping accessories is a camping light or lantern. You don’t need something extravagant, you just need something that provides illumination and something that will work with whatever outlet your portable solar generator has. With that in mind, you will need a lantern that works with a USB outlet like the Tytan Kobra USB LED Camping Light. It is a 5-watt bulb that gives as much light as a 40-watt one. Your 100-watt solar generator can provide power to the Tytan Kobra 5W for up to 24 hours.


No matter how small or large your backup power need is, there will way be a suitable solar generator for you. Since solar generators usually have their maximum capacity capped at 2000 watts, you are assured that all of these generators are portable and lightweight. Building a solar generator system is easy if you do a little research on the compatibility of the accessories.

Most solar generators do not come with a solar panel yet and you will definitely need to be thorough in choosing one. Otherwise, go for a complete system which might cost you more. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed a safe and stable delivery or electricity to your appliances and gadgets. You will also help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and shying away from the use of gasoline.

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