Top 5 Windmill Generator Kits 2019

Missouri Freedom II 2000-Watt Wind Turbine

Missouri Freedom II is a wind turbine on a mission to harness wind energy even from the lowest wind speed. This all-metal wind turbine is hot dipped galvanized and will not need any rust-proofing. I

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A-Wonderful 400W Wind Turbine and 100W Solar Panels with Controllers

The whole wind-solar generator from A-Wonderful produces 500w of energy output by combining the power of a triple-blade 400W wind turbine and a 100w foldable solar panel. This impressive combination is made for 12V batteries but can also be connected with other panels and wired in series to charge a  24/48V battery.

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Best Portable Generators

Ideally, power generators are built and designed to supplement the electricity requirement for homes during emergency power outages. These power interruptions are usually caused by natural calamities, or inadequate supply.

Best Whole House Generator Reviews

These generators have enough stored power to supply electricity to every vital appliance in your home. Choosing one might be tricky for beginners, so we have consolidated this list and reviews to make it easier for you to decide.

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Best Home Wind Turbines in 2019 

Contrary to popular belief, wind turbines are not just for large scale use. It can now be used to power your whole home's electrical system. With that, here are the ten best wind power generators you can opt to choose from.