Photographs of an Offshore Wind Project Under Construction

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Offshore Wind Project Construction in Photos

(Majority of pictures taken at North Hoyle wind project. Special thanks to Gunnar Britse for permission to use his photographs.)

1) Components transported to port

(Source: Gunnar Britse,


Blade in transit


2) Components Readied for Loading onto Barge/Boat 

Materialsstage(Source: Gunnar Britse,


Component staging area


3) Components Loaded onto Barge/Ship

Loading the rotor in Bergkvara harbour for sea transport out to the site Yttre Stengrund(Source: Gunnar Britse,


Jack-up barge being loaded with nacelle, rotor, blades



4) On Route to Offshore Wind Site

(Source: Gunnar Britse,
Rotor, blades, and towers in transit



5) Foundation Installation

(Source: Gunnar Britse,
Jack-up barge installing monopile foundation
(Source: Gunnar Britse,


6) Tower Erection

(Source: Gunnar Britse,

Jack-up barge installing first section of wind tower

(Source: Gunnar Britse,

Workers awaiting second portion of wind tower
(Source: Gunnar Britse,
Crane putting final section of wind tower in place


7) Nacelle Installation

Nacelle Lift
(Source: Gunnar Britse,


Crane lifting nacelle onto tower with workers awaiting


8) Blade Installation

(Source: Gunnar Britse,

Jack-up barge installing final blade

9) Completed Turbine Erection


(Source: Gunnar Britse,