Fishermen’s Energy Atlantic City Offshore Wind Project

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A proposed 25 MW demonstration project 4.5 kilometers east of Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The project is proposed by Fishermen’s Energy using Siemens 4.0-130 turbines.


Dec. 2015- New Jersey passes offshore wind bill exempting project from cost benefit analysis and forcing regulators to rethink the project

Nov. 2015- Fishermen’s Energy loses BOEM bid  for New Jersey Wind Energy Area.  Area starts 7 nautical miles offshore and extends approx. 21 nautical miles out to sea.

Oct. 2015- New Jersey Supreme Court refuses to hear Fishermen’s appeal of Utility boards decision to reject the project.  Fishermen’s Energy makes project modifications such as using six Siemens 5 MW turbines instead of the XEMC turbines.

May 2014- Utilities board again rejects project citing $263/MWh as too high

July 2013: New Jersey Public Utilities Commission rejects project citing cost.  Total cost of the projected projected at $200 million.

(Source: Fishermen’s Energy)



December 18, 2015- nJ offshore wind bill passes

November 10, 2015- Fishermen’s Energy Loses Bid for Wind Farm Leases Off LBI

October 14, 2015- Fishermen’s Energy loses appeal, revises offshore wind project

November 21, 2014- New Jersey Board of Utilities rejects Fisherman’s project a second time.

July 22, 2013- Fisherman’s Energy offshore project rejected