Deepwater Wind Block Island Offshore Wind Project

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Overview: 30 MW project using 5 Alstom/GE  6 MW Haliade 150 turbines.
Location: ~ 3 miles off of Block Island, RI
Proposed timeline

Dec. 2016– Project enters commercial operation, becoming the first offshore wind project in the United States.  Read more here.

Nov. 2016– An inspection of turbine 2 revealed a metal object in a gap between the turbine’s generator and direct-drive system.  Turbine was repaired.

Sept. 2016– Turbine erection completed.  The project is currently undergoing testing and  is scheduled to reach commercial operations on November 15,  2016.

March 2016– Foundations have been completed… nacelle manufacturing underway…project to be completed Oct-Nov 2016


Nov. 11, 2015– First two platform decks have been installed.

Deepwater Deck Foundation 1
Source: Deepwater Wind

Nov. 5, 2015– Deepwater has finished pile driving the 5 foundations. Installing deck platforms is the next step.

July 30, 2015– Barge dents foundation during installation.

July 27, 2015- Construction is underway.

Source: Deepwater Wind


March 31 2010– The Rhode Island PUC voted unanimously against the power-purchase agreement between developer Deepwater Wind and National Grid, concluding that the deal was not “commercially reasonable.”

Dec. 9 2009– National Grid and Deepwater Wind have signed a PPA. Electricity generated by the eight-turbine project off Block Island will cost 24.4 cents per kilowatt-hour when it begins operating in 2013.

October 17 2009– National Grid rejected Deepwater’s Rhode Island proposal calling it “uneconomic.” Calculations by National Grid put the cost at 30.7 cents per kilowatt-hour over the 20-year contract, compared to 9.2 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity from other sources. Deepwater estimates the sale price to be closer to 20 to 25 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Jan. 8 2009– In a deal signed with the state, Deepwater Wind will build a 20 MW first phase in state waters (expected to cost $50 to 100 million) which, as planned, would connect directly to Block Island, RI. Excess electricity may be sent from Block Island to the mainland through an undersea cable. Phase I is scheduled to begin full commercial operation in 2012. At an expected cost of over $1 billion, Phase 2 will be situated in federal waters and is expected to have more than 100 turbines. The project is expected to generate 1.3 million megawatt-hours a year or 15 % of the state’s electricity.

September 25 2008– Governor Donald Carcieri announced that Deepwater Wind was chosen as the successful
developer to construct a wind energy project off the shores of Rhode Island. The exact location of the wind project will determined from the results of the Special Area Management Plan (SAMP) permitting process led by the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council in partnership with URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography. Deepwater Wind must now negotiate formal agreement.

Deepwater Wind acquired Winergy. The company’s major investors include FirstWind (formally namedUPC Wind), D.E. Shaw & Co., and Ospraie Management

May 31 2008- The companies which submitted bids were:
Allco Renewable Energy Group, New York, N.Y.;
Bluewater Wind, Providence;
Deep Water Wind Rhode Island LLC, Hoboken, N.J. (Winergy)
DKRW Wind , Houston
Fishermen’s Energy of Rhode Island, Bristol
Great Eastern Wind LLC, Providence, Woodbridge, N.J.

April 4 2008– State looking to issue offshore wind RFP

Project under study. 10 areas of offshore development identified.